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Key to an effective and successful rehabilitation back to work referral is to act quickly. The longer an employee is off work, the more difficult it can become to return to work. The critical window of opportunity is approximately within 6 weeks. After that period a return to work can become significantly more difficult. Knowledge of the work environment and clear questions from management regarding the return to work are helpful when assessing the health and capabilities of an employee and provide appropriate advice.

A successful referral requires that you discuss with your employee beforehand why you wish or need to obtain a report about their state of health and what questions you wish the doctor or nurse to answer. Your employee should be aware of those questions and ideally have seen a copy of the referral beforehand. Your employee has the right to see the sickness-absence report before we provide it to you. This is a legal obligation but it also makes good business sense. After all, for a rehabilitation/return to work intervention to be successful, the employer/HR/line-managers and the employee need to work together to achieve the best outcome.

Most organisations will already have their own in-house referral forms but if not we are happy to advise you on the best way to proceed.

Booking a referral:contact us by email in first instance to discuss your requirements.

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