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Our services include the following topics as examples. If your organisation or work place has needs that are not covered here, we are happy to discuss those with you in further detail in order to develop tailored and effective solutions for your requirements.

Confirming a booking for an appointment in one of our clinics constitutes a contract for services. By confirming your appointment you agree to the conditions regarding cancellation and non- or late attendance as outlined in our cancellation policy

Fitness for work:

  • Fitness for safety critical work: for example driving (DVLA LGV medicals D4, workplace transport), commercial diving (HSE AMED, Diving at Work Regulations for MA2 certificate), working offshore (Oil & Gas UK medical certificate), climbing in wind turbine masts, entry into confined spaces/tunnelling, Emergency Response Teams and fire fighter fitness;

  • Pre-employment/pre-placement for a new job;

  • Rehabilitation: sickness-absence management and return to work assessments, including for offshore work

  • Alcohol and drug screening (after prior agreement)

Workplace analysis, policy design and health risk control measure implementation:

  • Hazard identification, policy advice, design of suitable and sufficient risk control measures; Audit of legal compliance for your organisation.

  • Health surveillance as may be required under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations and/or COSHH for specific hazards such as vibration, noise, skin hazards, respiratory risks (isocyanates, silica, organic dust, water based cooling liquids etc);

    Please note that HSE has a current moratorium on the new appointment of doctors to carry out statutory medical surveillance for lead, ionising radiation and asbestos. If you need these medical examinations and cannot find an existing appointed doctor within a reasonable distance, then HSE may offer an excemption from the moratorium on special application.

  • Biological monitoring (heavy metals, isocyanates, pesticides);

  • Stress Management standards and its interpretation for your organization;

  • Specialist Occupational Medical advice within your Health & Safety management systems, audits, Health & Safety committee participation;

Training and seminars, designed to your specification and topic.


  • General Health Health & Safety law as it applies to health risks (the role of competent health advisors under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999); Role of occupational health input in the overall management of health risk in the work place;

  • Health surveillance and specific hazards in the workplace (such as asbestos, lead/other heavy metals, biological monitoring, Ionising Radiation);

Specialist opinions:

  • Expert witness statements and opinions regarding occupational disease and causality;

  • Audit of your existing occupational health provision; are you asking the right service from your OH provider and are you getting value for money for the services you are currently contracting?;

  • Do you need advice regarding a HSE inspection? Get the inside track;

  • Being sued for damages? Get an independant specialist view about the likelihood of causality and foreseeability that harm could have occurred. Was what you did to prevent harm to your employees reasonable or not?How could you minimise your liabilities in the future?
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