Drugs and alcohol screening

Drugs and alcohol (D&A) screening is usually only carried out as part of medical fitness examinations for specific safety critical work or when concerns about an employee's behavior have arisen. Examples could be workingoffshore, working in confined spaces such as tunnelling or workplace transport activities such as driving (tower or harbour cranes, driving heavy machinery on construction sites etc).

D&A screening can only take place with the employees' 'informed consent'. That means they must be made aware beforehand, why the D&A screening is carried out, what could or will happen if their test is not negative and how those results will be disclosed to the employer. Generally this will require a D&A Health & Safety policy at work that applies to all employees or the D&A screening has to be incorporated into the contract of employment.

Because of these requirements, D&A screening at the request of employers will have to be agreed beforehand. Employers/HR advisors should contact us by email outlining their requirements in first instance before conducting D&A screening on their employees.

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